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The accommodation offered by Casas de Aldea Prieto can be found in the pretty well-kept mountain village of Cortes in the area of Quirós. Quirós is situated in the central area of the Principality of Asturias, amidst the spectactular scenery of the Cantabrian mountain range, forming part of the well-known Green Spain.

The Nature Reserve Las Ubiñas - La Mesa, is known for the diversity and good conservation of its flaura and fauna, and can be found at the feet of  Peña Rueda and Peña Ulbina, the second highest mountain of the European Peaks. It is the privileged area of the village houses and Cortes is also known as the birth place of the first Asturian Saint, San Melchor of Quirós. It is a place where one can still enjoy the relaxing tranquility of and breathe the pure air from the forests, walk between the crystal streams originating there, and try a variety of gastronomical delights, or do any of many activities which bring you into  direct contact with Mother Nature.

Casas Prieto Lodgings are three village houses, Village House I, Village House II and Village House III, which have been transformed to provide touristic accommodation for individual rent. The careful, painstaking restauration of the old stone buildings has resulted in their keeping place with the architectural style of the area while at the same time including all the comfort and functions one would hope to find in such tastefully decorated high quality rural lodging.

 Village houses I and II  sleep up to 6 people each, and Village house III sleeps up to 4. All the houses have full bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchens, heating, television, an open wood fire in the sitting room and an open terrace at the front. They have a garden area with a barbecue, benches and tables for your free-time enjoyment.

 The views from the inside of the houses are simply stupendous – a medley of greens, the Nature Reserve and the mountains – delightful.

"Casas de Aldea" Village Houses


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"Casas de Aldea" Village Houses are identified by the initials ‘CA’, and according to the facilities each has, are awarded one, two or three triskeles.

Village houses need to get authorization from the local Authority, meet a series of quality and safety requirements, and be regularly inspected to ensure all is well.


Triskel symbol

Village houses are defined as seperate, independant living quarters, whose characteristics are  in keeping with the traditional architecture of the area.

There are two types of Village houses – in the first, rooms of a family house may be rented, and in the second, the entire property is for the exclusive use of the client, as with Casas de Aldea Prieto.